Taste is back, but its bitter!

So, I recently got quasi-vaccinated (recovered, alright) from the rampant yet not-so-threatening Covid-19. Totally asymptomatic and thankful that it wasn’t pervasive enough to infiltrate anyone who was in my close proximity, it still leaves me with a bitter aftertaste, after it left me bereft of any taste at all initially, because of the lingering pessimism from the discourse that my treatment assumed.

Nothing to do with the article, an image felt must and I just happen to love PPG’s!

It started with a banal flu -a not so conspicuous fever accompanied by a cold that usually checks up on me more frequently than any of my friends do. Still, mindful of the situation and not wanting to be a potential carrier, I visited a doctor who knows me and my family well -stays a floor above where we do. Consulting fees Rs.400, alright, more than its worth if it avoids petty hitches. 2 days after, suddenly in the morning while brushing I realize that I’m indifferent to whether I’m using Colgate or Patanjali -darn, no taste or smell, so I go to the same doctor again to get some clarity on whether it’s going to be a testing time for me ahead (sorry, but I love puns). And just to say a “Yes”, he generously makes my wallet lighter by taking away a burden of 3 hundred rupee notes from it.

“Alright, I’m positive, what now?”

“I’ll turn you negative”


“No no, I mean, If you’re lucky enough to get an appointment, maybe I’ll give you a ()uck or two after 2 days if you visit my other clinic which is twice as far as this place is and 4 times more expensive. Hmm, well yep, sounds about right to me.”


“B-bye, good neighbor, NEXT PATIENT PLEASE!!’

Suddenly, a flashback of a recent call with a friend who billed up Rs.50K for a “positive” sore throat apparated.

Meanwhile, mother called, says she had a word with our family doctor -“She said its nothing, just a ‘Hisashiburi dana’ (haha, yeah! anime!) from your visiting buddy. She’ll send you the prescription by evening.

“Alright great, also she doesn’t even charge much, unlike our neighbor here whos two subsequent monthly apartment maintenance amount is on us for his generosity.” (We do exchange courtesies but this one’s special!)

A week passes after feeling like eternity and my vacation on Pluto ends.

“Thank you Doctor, it was nothing -just like you said, so how much do I pay?”

“Rs.1000 only, just 5 times more than I normally charge!”

So, in conclusion, a doctor who’s also a neighbor and a family doctor charge me around Rs.2000 for prescribing me a test, a home quarantine and medicines that my mother had suggested in the first place. Alright, I don’t intend to sound like a hypocrite who complains of doctors scourging a heist while boozing up labelled whiskeys for celebrating a month of self control, I’m just stating this to reel in a perspective -

The taste got bitter thinking what an average person with symptoms of Covid-19, with perhaps no one to approach and consult might have to put up with -and to think half of them would be even more clueless and financially wobbly -and even worse, many even have escalated complications of the disease -and for all these people there is no way they can estimate a figure for the expense, they’ll just have to pay the popped up number.

Personally, the thought that Doctors might be making Covid-19 a golden chance to swell up their pockets and who’s to complain here -if you can’t help it swell, it’s either heaven or hell! -isn’t exactly something I’d like to perpetuate as a review of the situation I experienced. To the Doctors reading this, the people of this country have gonged utensils for you in unison, have placed you on a pedestal where only a “Nationalist” stands for them -think well whether it’s worth to dispel these sentiments for a bulge in your wallets.

Jokes apart, I’d like the reader to chip in with perspectives and counter-perspectives on my experience if they wish to, I’m curious to know what you think and feel!

PS: If you want to listen to some music while reading I can help you with that here as well XD.



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